About Us

I bake, cook, love to eat and exercise, but when I’m not doing those things, I enjoy traveling. I love experiencing cultures and visiting other countries and seeing how people live there. I also love to know about culinary traditions of the countries I visit, and when I do travel, it seems like I am never too far from France, my favorite country ever.

I believe cooking is the utmost of importance and kids should learn all about it when they are young. They should learn why it’s important to eat healthy, and you can awaken their curiosity about food by letting them play around with various ingredients, colors and textures. Make sure you take the time to bake simple recipes and talk to them about cooking. Remember, it’s important for kids to learn about food because it is a huge part of our lives.

I decided to launch my own company, as well as maintain the blog I run. I felt the need to do this because I am very involved with food and I have experience with marketing in the food industry. I started Del Food Consulting back in 2014, and my business focuses a lot on marketing issues and events within the food industry.

I live for my passion and I am very serious about feeding my body and soul with food related projects. My food journey is exciting and surprising at times. In fact, in 2015, I participated in Masterchef France and I want you to experience this adventure with me and take part in it. You can do this by letting me know what you make at your own home and share your simple recipes too, so go ahead and tell me what your favorite simple recipes are.