Candy Buffet Ideas For A Restaurant

If you need candy buffet ideas for your restaurant, the main thing you want to consider is the very point of a buffet: variety. You need as many different varieties of candy as you can possibly gather available at all times. Fortunately, a lot of the old standards are fairly affordable to buy in bulk like the ones sold at, and when it comes to gourmet options most people will actually be happy to pay a little more. With the two different approaches combined, you should be able to put together a candy buffet that will always leave people coming back for more.

First of all, you should consider having a lot of gummy candies on hand. This is perhaps the most easily overlooked, and yet it’s an incredibly important genre since so many people basically “eat with their eyes.” Gummy candies are some of the most colorful around, so having a nice variety on hand is sure to bring in quite a lot of interest. They also work wonderfully as toppings on ice cream or frozen yogurt, and there are enough flavors and different styles that you could literally just have an entire bar full of nothing but assorted gummy candies alone.

Of course, the most popular type of candy you can possibly include is chocolate. Make sure you include the classic milk chocolate, as well as dark chocolate, white chocolate, and other assorted flavors and Image result for peppermint or even gum available in the midst of your candy buffetcombinations. Peanut butter and chocolate are a classic combo that you should definitely have in ready supply, and the same can be said for mint chocolate. Everything from the most ridiculously sweet to light and fluffy to immensely rich and decadent is covered by the spectrum of chocolates, so you should be able to cater to a lot of different taste buds here.

Finally, while it might not seem immediately popular, you should make sure you have something along the lines of peppermint or even gum available in the midst of your candy buffet. After the entire meal is over, a lot of people will be appreciative of the chance to clear their palettes and hopefully give themselves a bit of a breath check in the process. There’s plenty of different flavors within this genre of candy as well, not the least of which are spearmint and cinnamon. Mixed in with something like your classic hard candies, a nice array of mint candies will likely go over better than you imagine.