DIY Porcelain Bathtub Scratch Repair

Recently, porcelain became the main material in the creation of bathroom appliances. If you are looking to add a fancy touch to your bathroom, a porcelain tub repair nj based said you should think about buying porcelain bathtubs, sinks and tiles. There are plenty of reasons why porcelain is a lovely and viable option. To start with, it is durable, strong and looks incredible. However, if you have a porcelain product that you use for Image result for DIY Porcelain Bathtub Scratch Repaira long period of time, you will start to notice that small scratches will develop. The bathtub remains the most common appliance in the bathroom that will get scratched. If you have some small, noticeable scratches, you can easily fix the bathtub on your own with a little bit of effort.

You can start off by looking at your porcelain tub to determine whether or not the damages are large enough for repairing. If you have a lot of scratching, you may be best off calling an expert. If there are only a few, you can save some money by doing it yourself. You can shop at your hardware store, or online, for a porcelain repair kit that you can use to easily fill in the scratches. These are affordable kits that you can use to get the job done, however you need to be sure that you get one that is as close to the color of your tub as possible.

Once you buy the kit, you simply dry the scratched area with a clean cloth and then put alcohol on there to bring out any bacteria. Simply apply the porcelain repair with a toothbrush or similar applicator. Just be sure that you read the instruction on the kit to get the process done correctly.

If the scratches on the tub are not completely gone after the kit dries, you can paint it over again until you find that it looks perfect. With a little bit of elbow grease and the right kit, your porcelain tub will look amazing and you will have saved a great deal of money.