Do You Want To Offer Your Janitorial Services To Area Businesses?

Do you want to offer your janitorial services to area businesses? Even with a growing economy, many people are trying to make money on their own, either on the side, or in lieu of working for someone else. Even in the information age, many members of the workforce have little avenue for new training or skills, so they can only turn to what they already know how to do, and cleaning things is something that many have experience in. So, they contact local area businesses to offer their janitorial services.

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When you go out and canvas a community for potential commercial clients that you might offer janitorial services to, then you have to keep a few things in mind. Actually, there are four specific things to do when you go out offering your janitorial services.

First, always ask for an owner or manager. The minimum wage cashier might tell you that they’ll give your flier or business card to the person in charge, but it’s going in the trash as soon as you walk out the door. Having said that, never be rude to the entry-level employees. You want to be cleaning up after them after all.

Second, believe it when a manager tells you their hands are tied about who they use. Many businesses sign contracts they are bound into for long periods of time, or the decisions are made at a district or corporate level. If you run into this headwind, let it blow you out the door and on to the next prospect. Don’t waste time fighting a battle you can’t win.

Third, know what your competitors offer in terms of their services. Exterminators Mendham NJ for instance offers eco-friendly pest control while others use deadly chemicals to pets. Your list of services has to be just as robust, if not better. If you bring less to the table than anyone else, no one has a reason to ditch their current janitorial service solution.

Fourth, underbid everyone. Managers, entrepreneurs, and business owners know the importance of keeping their business clean, but they are more than likely going to go with the cheapest available option on the market. If you’re not it, you’ll never get your foot into the local industry. Especially when you do not have a base of existing business to rely on for word of mouth advertising and reputation, you need to do what it takes to establish yourself among the local community.