Drain And Plumbing Needs Of A Commercial Or Restaurant Kitchen

Plumbing is important. It allows water to flow into a building and out of a building, without finding its way all over the floor. Clogged drains can cause bad problems.

Drains that clog, or have a slow clog are in danger of backing up. Image result for restaurant plumbingA drain that backs up is enough to make a mess, or even ruin a business. For restaurants, it is the daily routine to drain away grease from washing kitchen wares, that is why it is very important that you keep in contact with your plumber, MTP Plumbing plumbers said it is crucial that you call them for emergency plumbing than keeping the sink unusable up to tomorrow.  Keeping drains clean and well maintained is the first order of business.

In a restaurant, grease traps need to be in place where food is going to be prepared, and dishes washed. In particular, where the wastewater from dishwashers and dish washing sinks are need grease traps. The traps must be cleaned daily to prevent release of grease into the public water system.

Though, even the best efforts can allow grease into drains.


Pipes in a restaurant need to be able to handle the sheer volume of water that comes through the pipes. There are bathroom sinks, toilets, bar sinks, soda fountains, freezers, refrigerators in the kitchen, in the bar, on the restaurant floor, and in other surprising places.

There are special mop sinks, dish washing sinks, hand washing sinks, among others.

Not only that but the restaurant  and commercial kitchens are heavily watched by local regulators. From the health department visits and grades to building inspectors to water treatment management visits.

In general, the types of pipes and drains that need to be in place are specific to restaurants and commercial kitchens. Local rules and laws determine specifications. Where local rules are not written, there are general rules of good practice specific to building construction as well.

The mop sink usually has its own lip and floor drain. It is a good idea, and often regulated by law, that there should be a space to dry the mop. It is regulated how far away it should be from any food preparation or dishes.Image result for sinks will have to be equipped with hot water heaters

Even sinks will have to be equipped with hot water heaters that can keep up with all of the needs of the restaurant or commercial outfit. In other words, hot water should be available for all employees and patrons to keep their hands hygienic and clean.

Freezers and refrigerators need to be constructed to commercial and industry specifications. It is best to go with major manufacturers only in order to ensure meeting the local rules too.